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From humble beginnings in 2018 to a nationally recognized academic and athletic program today, the story of Valiant College Preparatory begins with the three founders that wanted to provide a different option to wrestlers: Eric Larkin, Mike Douglas, and Eric Pawlak.

Eric Larkin and Mike Douglas brought their passion for wrestling and the desire to compete for championships beyond the State of Arizona, and Eric Pawlak had the experience in education to help the school receive its accreditation and thrive in the challenging environment of starting a new school. The dream of starting an independent school that was not limited in scale, ambition, or purpose was realized when the first classroom was filled with students on day one.

Together, the leaders of this school have more than tripled enrollment and thrived through the pandemic. They have brought in the coaches, teachers, and staff required to continue growing as they look to the future; expanded campuses, affiliate partners, and world championships!

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World Team Members
National Champions
National Finalists
All Americans

Student Athlete Spotlight

Kyler Larkin
GPA: 3.7
National Rank: 8th
World Team
Fargo Champion

Adrian Meza
GPA: 3.1
National Rank: 15th
Fargo Champion
All American

Christian Castillo
GPA: 3.4
National Rank: 1st
World Silver Medalist
Super 32 Champion

Karlee Brooks
GPA: 3.9
National Rank: 4th
Fargo Runner Up
All American

Piper Cadden
GPA: 4.0
National Rank: 6th
Super 32 Third Place
All American

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