Valiant Spotlight: Golf Team Par for the Course.

The sport of golf isn’t as high paced as the wrestling room, but the focus and discipline principles are the same. Also, great hip movement and a methodical approach to repetition allows Valiant Golfers the ability to achieve success in a fiercely contested match. On Monday March 27th Valiant played their first match against number 1 ranked Dream City and top ten Cave Creek Christian.

Valiant College Prep. is THE avenue for students to prepare for college and also come to understand that they are not limited to academia and surviving college but thriving as a student athlete. If there is one thing to know about Valiant, it is that regardless of the contest these students come prepared to battle. Some have the capability to possibly compete in two sports in college, which is no easy feat.

Our warriors came up just short of the top golf programs in the state in Dream City Christian, but in turn beat out Cave Creek Christian by twenty-six strokes! Individually Valiant standout Trevor Fong went stroke for stroke against an Oregon commit by one stroke and equally impressive is Derek Fong nipping the heels of the former Arizona state champion by just one stroke as well. With this as the very first competition of the season other programs need to be on notice to observe and expect our warriors to literally come out swinging.

As the weather becomes increasingly better and more conducive for the green, Valiant is excited to play at the highest level while maintaining above a 3.0 GPA. You can have it all, these golfers embrace the multifaceted way adults and lifelong learners exist with many goals being chased simultaneously, which further illustrates the diversity of Valiant’s programs academically and socially. Tune in for more news on the Golf team!

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