Super 32 Freakshow Placers.

High School

Christian Castillo – Champ

Kyler Larkin – 6th Place


Piper Cadden – 3rd Place

Karlee Brooks – 4th Place

Middle School

Dean Anderson – 3rd Place

Freakshow – Las Vegas, Nevada

Emma Chacon – Champ

Morgan Lucio – Champ

Christian Davis – 2nd Place

Izzy Ibarra – 2nd Place

Robert Ibarra – 2nd Place

Matthew Gazda – 2nd Place

Pablito Cejudo – 3rd Place

Santino Andujo – 3rd Place

Giovanni Garcia – 3rd Place

Diego Ibarra – 4th Place

Athea Valenzuela – 4th Place

Joaquin Chacon – 5th Place

Killian Kaneshige – 5th Place

David Pina – 6th Place

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