7th/8th Grade Pre Algebra Syllabus


Course Information

Teacher Information

Credit Hour:  Math requirement

Name: Ms. Watters

Course: Pre Algebra

Email: RWatters@vcp.com


School Attributes

VCP students will live by a set of principles and standards that can be applied to daily living. To encourage the formation of high personal standards and to demonstrate respect for all human beings. Our students will develop positive habits that lead toward long-term success and happiness.  Habits such as self-discipline and the internal drive and desire to become the best you can be. We will develop a mindset that guides our students toward specific goals for self-improvement, and to develop a non-quitting spirit to overcome obstacles and become a successful achiever. We will instill a mindset of going through obstacles, never around them!

Course Description: 

This course is designed to prepare students for Algebra 1.  It involves the study of a review of elementary mathematics, proportional relationships, equations, and quantitative relationships

Course Competencies/ Learning Objectives

Students who successfully complete 7/8th grade math will be competent in the following areas:

1. Develop understanding of proportional relationships. 

2. Develop understanding of operations with rational numbers and work with expressions, inequalities, and linear equations.

3. Develop understanding of irrational numbers.

4. Develop understanding of expressions and equations, including solving linear equations, linear inequalities, and systems of linear equations.

5. Develop understanding of the concept of a function and use functions to describe quantitative relationships, including modeling an association in bivariate data with a linear equation.


Student Evaluation

The grading system for the Mathematics Department at VCP is as follows:



















In Class Assignments









Class Participation 





Attendance Policy

Regular and prompt class attendance is an essential part of the educational experience. VCP expects students to exercise good judgment regarding attendance and absences. Students will accept full responsibility for ensuring their work does not suffer because of absences. All students are expected to attend every scheduled class on time. Exceptions may be made for illness and valid emergencies. 

Classroom Expectations

  1. Arrive to class on time
  2. Be prepared
  3. Respect your classmates and teacher
  4. Give your all, all the time
  5. Be responsible for your actions
  6. No cell phones, or ipods permitted in the classroom

Class Requirements

Homework will be collected in the beginning of class the day it is due.  It is YOUR responsibility to complete homework assignments.  You will be given the opportunity to make up THREE homework assignments at the end of the marking period if they were not completed.

If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to make up the assignments and/or tests when you return.  Every Monday, I will send an email out to the whole class informing them of the homework assignments and/or upcoming tests or quizzes.  If you do not make up your assignments within one week, they will turn into zeros.   

It is YOUR responsibility to come after school to catch up on missed work from your absences.  

Plagiarism, Cheating, and Academic Integrity

Plagiarism is the practice of copying words, sentences, images, or ideas for use in written or oral assessments without giving proper credit to the source. Cheating is defined as the giving or receiving of illegal help on anything that has been determined by the teacher to be an individual effort. Both are considered serious offenses and will significantly affect your course grade. Please refer to the Student Code of Conduct booklet for additional information.


A combination of lecture, class discussion, presentations, videos, cooperative learning, and problem-based learning will be used in this course. Grades will be determined by the satisfactory and timely completion of assignments. The grade of each assignment is based on the prerequisite given for each assignment. Below is an overview of topic/ units and major assessments/assignments for this course.

Class Supply List

  1. Journal Notebook
  2. Notebook
  3. Ruler
  4. Non-Graphing Calculator 
  5. Pencils