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Valiant Spotlight: Golf Team Par for the Course.


Valiant Spotlight: Golf Team Par for the Course. The sport of golf isn’t as high paced as the wrestling room, but the focus and discipline principles are the same. Also, great hip movement and a methodical approach to repetition allows Valiant Golfers the ability to achieve success in a fiercely contested match. On Monday March 27th Valiant played their first match against number 1 ranked Dream City and top ten Cave Creek Christian. Valiant College Prep. is THE avenue for students to prepare for college and also come to understand that they are not limited to academia and surviving [...]

Valiant Spotlight: Golf Team Par for the Course.2023-03-30T12:38:36-07:00

NHSCA National Championships.


NHSCA National Championships. Congratulations to our wrestlers for their excellent results and the NHSCA National Championships in Virginia from 03/24  - 03/26 2023! Five All-Americans: Isreal Ibarra 2nd place Christian Davis 4th place Gus Cardinal 6th place Matt Gazda 7th place Aiden Ysaguirre 7th place

NHSCA National Championships.2023-03-30T12:02:28-07:00

Masquerade Ball.


Masquerade Ball. Thank you to our staff, volunteers, and students for making our Masquerade Ball so much fun!  We LOVE school and wrestling.  We also love to let loose and have a little fun together at fun activities like the Masquerade Ball.  These wrestlers clean up pretty nice!

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AZ USA Wrestling 16U and Junior National Qualifier.


Valiant College Preparatory Wrestlers Dominate AZ USA Wrestling 16U and Junior National Qualifier! Congratulations to all our wrestlers for their excellent results at the AZ USA Wrestling National Qualifier in Mesa, AZ on 03/11/2023! Juniors 127 lbs - Karlee Brooks - Champion Juniors 120 lbs - Christian Castillo - Champion Juniors 132 lbs - Adrian Meza - Champion Juniors 138 lbs - Xavier Castillo - Champion Juniors 145 lbs - Derek Guanajuato - Champion 16u 112 lbs - Elizabeth V-Smith - Champion 16u 122 lbs - Brooklyn Perez - Champion 16u 132 lbs - Emma Chacon - Champion 16u [...]

AZ USA Wrestling 16U and Junior National Qualifier.2023-03-13T14:30:21-07:00

RMN Terminator World Championships.


RMN Terminator World Championships. Congratulations To All Our Wrestlers For Their Excellent Results At RMN Terminator World Championships In Mesa, AZ On 03/04/2023! 11u 70 lbs - Giovanni Garcia - Champion 12u 78 lbs - Kash Larkin - Champion 15u 88 lbs - Killian Kaneshige - Champion 15u 156 lbs - Tavier Garcia - Champion 12u HWT2 - Layne James - Champion 18u 190 lbs - Matty Gazda - Runner Up 15u 172 lbs - Kal-El Fluckiger - Third Place 18u 165 lbs - Derek Fong - Sixth Place 18u 190 lbs - Clyde Walton - Sixth Place [...]

RMN Terminator World Championships.2023-03-13T14:48:42-07:00

Fight Rope Spotlight: Valiant College Prep.


Fight Rope Spotlight: Valiant College Prep. 01- 03- 2023 By Orlando Jimenez Valiant College Preparatory Fight Rope Spotlight: Valiant College Prep Imagine a high school where the sport that you love is the focus of your extracurricular activities. Well, you are in luck if you are a wrestler! Valiant College Prep in Phoenix, Arizona is a school that not only takes academics seriously by preparing students from 6th-12th grade but is also a school that accepts your desire to be a dominant practitioner of the world's oldest sport. This school prepares warriors for the academic and sport battlefields that takes place after [...]

Fight Rope Spotlight: Valiant College Prep.2023-03-01T22:45:14-07:00

2023 AZ USA 6u-15u Folkstyle State Championships.


Valiant College Preparatory Middle School Wrestlers Dominate AZ USA 6u-15u Folkstyle State Championships! Congratulations to our middle school wrestlers for their excellent individual results and team title at the AZ USA 6U-15U State Championships in Chandler, AZ on 02/25/2023!   12u 70 - Giovanni Garcia - Champion 12u 82 - Conway Shulte - Champion 15u 71 - Santino Andujo - Champion 15u 77 - Kash Larkin - Runner Up 15u 87 - Killian Kaneshige - Runner Up 15u 110 - Konner Larkin - Champion 15u 114 - David Pina - Champion 15u 119 - Ryder Schulte - Champion 15u [...]

2023 AZ USA 6u-15u Folkstyle State Championships.2023-03-13T14:28:15-07:00

Fight Rope Coach Spotlight: Coach Mike Douglas Jr.


Fight Rope Coach Spotlight: Coach Mike Douglas Jr. 26- 02- 2023 By Orlando Jimenez Fight Rope, Thorobred Wrestling Club, Valiant College Preparatory, Wrestling, Fight Rope Coach Spotlight: Coach Mike Douglas Jr. Coach Douglas is a wrestling coach for Thoroughbred Wrestling and Valiant High School in Chandler, Arizona. He works with the youngest, newest wrestlers to grace the mat after coaching the high school students during the late afternoon. His program seeks to build Arizona as the premier talent pool in the Southwest. However, what makes him spotlight coach is his approach and ability to dedicate his life to the next generation of athletes. On [...]

Fight Rope Coach Spotlight: Coach Mike Douglas Jr.2023-02-26T23:09:11-07:00

Wild West Showcase.


Wild West Wrestling Showcase. Valiant College Preparatory will host the Southwest’s first wrestling showcase on Saturday, October 29th on its campus in Phoenix, Arizona. This tournament will showcase wrestlers from all parts of the US including California, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, and many more. Each wrestler will receive a Wild West Showcase Singlet and warmup attire. Proceeds from the event will support Valiant College Preparatory and its mission to maximize student-athlete potential through a rigorous academic and athletic curriculum. This year, the event will host 2X NCAA National Champion Zahid Valencia and world medalist Forrest Molinari for a FREE K-8 [...]

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