Fight Rope Spotlight: Valiant College Prep.

Fight Rope Spotlight: Valiant College Prep

Imagine a high school where the sport that you love is the focus of your extracurricular activities. Well, you are in luck if you are a wrestler! Valiant College Prep in Phoenix, Arizona is a school that not only takes academics seriously by preparing students from 6th-12th grade but is also a school that accepts your desire to be a dominant practitioner of the world’s oldest sport.

This school prepares warriors for the academic and sport battlefields that takes place after high school. Coaches Erik Larkin and Mike Douglas are dedicated to ensuring that students thrive in an environment that they are constantly being tested in and taught with the highest academic standards. Recognized by FloWrestling as one of the toughest wrestling rooms in the country, Valiant has the guidance of Olympic wrestlers, Division I college wrestlers, and some of the best minds in the wrestling community.

As you can see, the destiny and journey this High School of Wrestling prepares you for is the program where I wish I had gone to or had been available. However, there is still time for students to enroll, but the seats are limited. Get in on the school of dreamers and doers, the school of champions, the school of warriors. Someone somewhere is going to read about Valiant and wish the same thing the author of this article wished when he learned about it “Dang I wish I could go there!”

Scholarships are available and it is an investment that will enrich your life in ways that you could only dream of at your regular school. Elite academics and wrestling from dedicated coaches, mentorships, and college advising at your fingertips IS too good to pass up for your child or if you are in school reading this and you want this for you go for it! As a sponsored program Valiant College Prep is where you will reach new heights and develop discipline for life!

3024 E. Fillmore Street Phoenix, AZ 85008


Monday – Thursday

7:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Valiant College Preparatory
Scholarship Day & Open House

April 22 @ 11:00 am – 2:00 pm

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