Student Athlete Spotlight: Trevor Fong – AJGA Victoria Preview.

By David Welch
Student Athlete Spotlight: Trevor Fong – AJGA Victoria Preview.
At Valiant College Preparatory students are predominantly known for their prowess on the wrestling mat, but some students hold rigid focus, excellent hand eye coordination, and an extreme adherence to discipline while doing another sport, on the golf course.  Student Trevor Fong used his Jedi-like abilities in a recent outing with his golf peers!
Trevor Fong competed at the AJGA Victoria Preview in Victoria, Texas against some of the best talent in the nation.  On the first day he shot +6(77) and +1(72) on a hot and humid second day to make the cut by 5 shots.  On a very windy third day he shot a +9(80) to end up with a final score of +16(229) , finishing in 27th place against a very tough field in his first ever AJGA event.
AJGA is the biggest junior golf association in the world.  Young athletes from China and Europe travel to the U.S. to play in these tournaments.  Many top level students compete to test their skills against top competition and get noticed by University and College programs in the United States.
These numbers are already elite level and competitive against the best high school aged golfers in the country and abroad.  Not bad for a man that can also double armbar stack his way to victory on the mat.  In addition to being a stellar student he takes his pursuits seriously against his opponents on the mat and on the putting green. At this pace it will be a no brainer for his schools of choice to accept his abilities in both sports.  To letter in two sports while attending college puts Trevor in a superior class of Student Athlete.
As Trevor continues to accomplish these great heights in the classroom and in sport there won’t be a program in the country that won’t vie to provide him the best opportunities to excel in life and attain his wildest dreams.  He is Valiant, he dares greatly, and yes we are entertained!  Keep up the great work and accept the rewards that your hard work delivers.
Dear students, it is okay to be the man or woman in the arena, put in the work! Grind hard and believe in your effort. Hold yourself in high regard even when you think others don’t see you, because we in the community do see you.  Don your armor, grab your weapons, and learn with the mentality of application.

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